2014 Alfa Romeo 4c Review and Price

Competition makes many cars Production Company constantly develops in creating a car that has a charming design and technology. They want to bring the car in accordance with the expectations of society, one of the cars that will be launched soon heard the news from Italy is the country in 2014 Alfa Romeo 4c, this car has a unique design like a sports car but has a fairly affordable price. This car is presented with design and technology that is more perfect than its predecessor.

2014 alfa romeo 4c coupe front angle pictures

2014 Alfa Romeo 4c will be present with the shape and outstanding design, the compact sports design, making automotive enthusiasts awaiting his presence. With a wide selection of elegant colors make the consumers can choose according to taste. Alfa Romeo 4c attend as a refresher in the automotive world and ready to compete with its competitors. The luxury car market is expected to become an idol, if you want to buy a sports car at an affordable price you can choose the car with the best option. In addition to its unique design and attractive, Alfa Romeo 4c also features a complete safety so make the rider comfortable and safe driving.

2014 Alfa romeo 4c engine

2014 Alfa Romeo 4c now presents with a four-cylinder engine that can take 1.7 liters, this engine can produce 240 horsepower that can be run by taking the 0-100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds, incredible speed auto generated this premium sport can run fast and well on the road or during uphill.

Price of 2014 Alfa romeo 4c

The price offered by the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4c is quite affordable compared to other sports cars, the Italian company is offering at an estimated price of $ 55,000. Affordable price for a luxury sports car with a fantastic design because this car is expected to be sold in the market.

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New 2014 Alfa Romeo 4c Review and Price
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