2014 Alfa Romeo Spider Specs Price

Many luxury cars that will be coming soon and dyeing industry makes the company that manufactures cars Alfa continues to innovate and testing to create the perfect car. Results of testing and design changes made during this has resulted because word got will soon bring luxury sports car at an affordable price is 2014 Alfa Romeo Spider, this car is designed with a charming look that makes a lot of consumers are eyeing the car. This car will look with more modern and elegant design of the previous generation.

2014 alfa romeo 4c spyder red color images

2014 Alfa Romeo Spider presents the design of a luxury sports car consists of 2 doors and 2 passengers only, Due to its design it so only 2 car seats can be used for both a date with a lover or spouse. The car is classy and makes the driver feel confident when driving. Colors that were presented were very elegant and charming, with a slim design this car can go fast on the highway and are certain that the car is equipped with safety features and complete security so that the driver will feel safe and comfortable.

2014 Alfa Romeo spider engine

The Machines used for this car cannot be known with certainty, but there was news that the 2014 Alfa Romeo Spider will use several engine options is used. As with the present four-cylinder turbocharged engine that is used to display multiple water drip system by passing direct injection or use a V-6 twin turbo.

Price of 2014 Alfa Romeo Spider

2014 Alfa Romeo Spider will offer prices ranging from $ 40,000, a fairly cheap price offered by the auto companies, so the car is much awaited by lovers of automotive so if you want to buy a sports car with a design, which has advanced features at an affordable price then Alfa Romeo Spyder could be a best choice.

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New 2014 Alfa Romeo Spider Specs Price
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