2014 Buick Lacrosse Reviews and Prices

This time has gone forth will soon launch a car that has a design and advanced technology is the 2014 Buick lacrosse, this car is designed with a sedan that was made comfortable and safe driving, presenting an elegant color so that the rider will feel confident. Machines and designs that were presented were more perfect than its predecessor because the car is expected to respond to the challenges and competition.

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2014 Buick lacrosse design comes with 4 doors that can accommodate five passengers. This luxury car with a design offers a more sporty, classic and more elegant. Presented design is a blend of modern and classic impression, so this car looks quite unique. Buick Lacrosse has the advantage on the design of the seat as it has a better comfort level compared to its competitors because those seats equipped with cooling, heating ventilation, perforated leather, and can be set according to the level of driver comfort. system than comfortable interior, this car is also equipped with complete safety level warning system, namely, eight air bags, adaptive cornering headlights as well as the head-up display, all these features are presented to make the driver comfortable in driving.

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2014 Buick lacrosse engine

Engine presented in 2014 Buick lacrosse is not much different from previous generations. The sedan offers the V-6 engine technology that can produce up to 304 horsepower so it can run smoothly with remarkable speed when running on the highway.

Price of 2014 Buick lacrosse

2014 Buick lacrosse have a price range from $ 30,000 – $ 40,000, the price is suitable for this luxury sedan, to have interior, exterior and safety systems are complete and beautiful and fantastic design so that the price offered can be accepted by society. This car was also suitable for a small family so that you are capable of traveling and sightseeing with family using the car with luxurious design.

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New 2014 Buick Lacrosse Reviews and Prices
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