2014 Chevy Colorado Reviews Relase Date

Amount of information about the emergence of the 2014 Chevy Colorado edition is very popular. Although this car is reportedly unclear when it will be release, but the car is very much looking forward enthusiasts presence. This car is very spectacular because this car special is spell correctly and the way it is. This car model has appeared online on social sites and provides an explanation which very impressive. This car is already appearing on the market but not in the U.S. market because the standards have not been met by the market America spec of this car. The last car was launched in 2011 as the model next year and Chevy Colorado is not completely redesigned.

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2014 Chevy Colorado New Features

This car is similar to a mini truck but it looks very funny. With substantial changes in this car as well as a sophisticated modifications is expected to meet the needs of riders and the customer’s car. The car began to rise in the European market and Asian market. Therefore the manufacturer is making the expansion of the market to make spec cars with 4 -cylinder Duramax diesel type. Diesel engine offered by the car manufacturer exclusively. It is already known when the team 2014 Chevy Colorado release date preaches about the car and engine specification of this vehicle.

According to information obtained , a new type of vehicle 2014 Chevy Colorado reviews has a very unique machine is by installing the type 2.5-liter Eco Tec l-4, 2.8-liter turbocharged I-4, and a 3.6 -liter DOHC V6 direct injection or a 4.3-liter OHV V6-EcoTec3 injected in this car. The main engine of this car has a capacity of 2.5L engine that can deliver 150hp and 258 pounds-feet of torque. The engine will be paired with a clear engine transmission or six-speed automatic scale manual transmission and optional on the machine.

Other types of machines will certainly be paired with a six-transmission gearbox; this allows the lack of a manual transmission in a car. There is still no clear news about EPA material. It is triggered by the times are demanding extra thought factory making cars with different fuel with a significant other. The 2014 Chevy team company, with the advent of mobile expected to be a trend in the market because of the shape and looks cute adorable mini trucks and liver. On the exterior the 2014 Chevy Colorado is not modified completely and keeps the old model that looks good.

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Cars 2014 Chevy Colorado has cross-shaped lights, grills and resembles the shape of a diamond as a flagship feature of this car. The interior of the car is very unique and elegant with very advanced touch technology. Price of this car is still not too accurate or there is still no clarity but predicted about $ 18,000 to $ 29,000. When compared to the type and version of the Chevy before, this car ranging in the $ 200 to $ 500 more expensive. These car enthusiasts are looking forward to it and hope the Christmas season is a special gift car.

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