2014 Ferrari 458 spider Specs Price : Popular Sporty Car

One of new models of Ferrari is 2014 Ferrari 458 spider. It is special project of Ferrari that has excellent design. Ferrari 458 spider 2014 is quite well known thus many customers interested to buy this product. Luxurious design on exterior and interior are characteristic of high class Ferrari products. Sporty cars released by Ferrari manufacture are able to result impressive speed since basically they are produced based on style of sporty race car.

2014 ferrari 458 spider exterior red color pictures

2014 Ferrari 458 spider Features

You have come to the right space where you will find out detail information about 2014 Ferrari 458 spider. Specification of Ferrari 458 spider will be discussed in detail. Thus you can see what it looks like. Price of this exclusive car is also included to guide you preparing sufficient budget. You must be interested to know further information about 2014 Ferrari 458 spider Italia. This version belongs to famous sporty car produced in modern style. So you need to read review of the car carefully.

2014 ferrari 458 spider left side pictures

There are many customers interested in Ferrari products including 2014 Ferrari 458 spider. Design of the car indicates modern style. This sporty car is regarded as best sporty car with tough image. This version is produced in large amount because of high demand in market. Rear side of the car is equipped with splendid tough bumper and so is front side. Interior is dominated with black color for cool characteristic. Soft leather seats and door panel are quite durable because they are made of high quality material.

You will be delight to know clean view of metallic body painted in glossy color. Driving 2014 Ferrari 458 spider is satisfying because of adjustable suspension. Features applied on Ferrari 458 spider are really appealing. Powerful performance is supported by V8 engine in 4.5 liters. At 9000 rpm, this engine is able to reach 570 horsepower optimally and torque 400 pound feet in 6000 rpm. To accelerate speed up to 198 mph, you just require 3.4 seconds. It is amazing performance of the sporty car. This aerodynamic car is created by including dual clutch transmission intended to reach seven speeds.

2014 ferrari 458 spider new concept pictures

Futuristic style of 2014 Ferrari 458 spider makes all people wants to possess this car. Awesome performance of Ferrari 458 spider leads you to drive the car to feel excellent performance. You can compare the car with other high class cars such as BMW and Jaguar. Most essential information about the car is how much price it is. Unfortunately, the price has been not yet informed. It probably comes in more expensive than 2013 Ferrari spider 458.

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New 2014 Ferrari 458 spider Specs Price : Popular Sporty Car
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