2014 Ford Edge Changes

2014 Ford Edge presented with few minor changes from the previous type. This car is very popular in the American market. Ford Edge 2014 is perfect for small families because of its very precise. In the design so that so that makes the rider feel the incredible comfort while driving this car because many of them feel cool. Modern interior with stylish looks and advanced features and this car includes efficient car because fuel consumption is so low despite a payload capacity of up to 4-5 people. It will still be accommodated because of the design of this car is very sophisticated.

2014 Ford Edge new concept pictures

Compared to all the predecessor of this car, 2014 ford Edge type according to the news from the car manufacturer itself, not with a lot of ford designed with a lot of changes on the sides of the car because the ultimate goal of the cabin is to transport all the family. This car has a sophisticated panel for buttons also come with a touch screen. After the news of the advent of gossip about this car, there is a very advanced feature electronic in interior part of this car. The design is very funky, eco system and also economical on fuel.

New 2014 Ford Edge with type sport glide with support V6.3.7-liter engine and can provide power 305hp and 280 pounds-feet of torque. With minimal changes to the car to make the car become weak as in the predecessor cars too to design 2014 Edge is still very low on the modification of the back. Car lovers expect further improvements for the type. On the other hand the sophistication of the touch screens features it is still considered difficult by the user and the machine that has the EPA that could save fuel.

Fuel efficient 2014 Ford Edge is in accordance with the test drive was done with 17Mpg capacity for municipal roads and 23Mpg for motorists on the highway. Car with other models come standard with this type of engine is still V6.3.5 liter with 285hp and 253 pounds feet of torque. With the existence of this car is so advanced that capacity expected little change in the engine and the wheels which can trigger the movement and fuel economy around 19mpg maximum value area of the city and 27mpg on the highway area.

2014 Ford Edge also offers the kind of 4 to 2.0-liter turbocharged cylinder so the engine can be increased either by Eco machine and reaches approximately 240hp and 270 pounds feet of torque. This specification for all models and are expected to be more sophisticated models sport again. With the type of sports car allows the engine with very high power and an estimated 21mpg in city area only and 30mpg on the highway area. Front wheel drive machines are equipped to facilitate the increase in the Eco system.

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New 2014 Ford Edge Changes
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