2014 Ford Everest Concept of The Smooth Ride

Ford, the automaker car, is aiming the high its rugged seven seats Everest SUV under the development in Australia. This new car is ditching the truck-like leaf-sprung in the rear end of the Ford Ranger that use the donor vehicle for a smooth-riding coil sprung set up that may include the self-levelling system on the top of the shelf variants of 2014 Ford Everest.

2014 Ford Everest New Concept Pictures

This new 2014 Ford Everest has a major reworking of the rear platform for the T6 wagon version, and as for the global at the end of 2014 and in 2015 for Australia, it does not include a full independent suspension that may some experts have predicted, but almost everything something about the set-up has been enhanced to obtain more car-like ride and handling.

2014 Ford Everest Specs

The steel coil springs of this new 2014 Ford Everest will most likely to be the mainstay for its new range. The mounting points to the springs and the dampers have already been shifted if compared to the Ranger, which the dampers on this Everest are fixed in the front of the axle instead of behind it. For Australia, this new Everest will be made alongside with the Ranger at Ford’s joint venture plant with the Mazda in Thailand, but there is no suggestion that Mazda will share the vehicle this time.

2014 Ford Everest Models Pictures

Actually, Everest trains is likely to build up in the factory Ford Ranger others around the world, but almost certainly including those in Brazil and also in South Africa. Everest has an interesting test different vehicles were seen by GoAuto mounted centrally, meaning the car is not like having a two-speed transfer box-style discovery that require offset the difference.

This 2014 Ford Everest has new interior design layout that is unique, but it include the switch gear and the other items that common with the other Ford models such as the Focus. Ford said that this car will be added with a third row seat that folding away below the rear cargo floor.

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New 2014 Ford Everest Concept of The Smooth Ride
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