2014 GMC Sierra Denali Release Date Reviews

Driving a car with our family everywhere is really pleasurable. Does your car able to carry a lot of goods? Most of cars only carry passengers and good in standard weight. For instance, as you want to move to another town, you require more storage to carry all goods. 2014 gmc sierra is great solution for you. Gmc has produced excellent vehicles including pick up. Using 2014 gmc sierra pickup, you will no longer hire truck or pickup. Transporting goods yourself is more efficient as you move to another place.

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2014 GMC Sierra New Specs

Gmc sierra pickup enables you to carry your family and goods simultaneously. If you want to camp, 2014 gmc sierra is best vehicle to bring any equipments and supplies easily. This pickup we designed specifically to provide larger space for stuff without reducing space for passengers. Space for goods and passengers are bordered in order to be effective. Commonly pickup only provides spacious space for goods vise verse conversely space for passenger is small enough. But this gmc sierra 2014 provides large space for both passenger and stuff.

First time looking at 2014 gmc sierra, you will be interested to purchase it. Exterior design reflects strong image. This pickup is one of innovative vehicle that is designed with sufficient space for passengers and stuff. Four doors are fitted on this pickup reflect modern style. Wheels made of metal alloy are equipped with strong axles. Headlights nearby front bumpers arouse shiny light.

Interior design of 2014 gmc sierra makes you feel comfort driving. Interior design represents cool and stunning view. High quality leather covering seat has soft texture. Ultimate dashboard is supplied with several features. High technical features including GPS, futuristic steering wheel, audio system, USB port, and modern instrument panel are fitted on dashboard completely. Door seals are able to block noise from outside. Additional storage on cabin enables you to bring more stuff.

2014 GMC Sierra denali reviews pictures

String brake system on this 2014 gmc sierra let you control the car easily. Excellent performance of the car is enhanced by Ecotec engine V8 3.5 liter. It is quite efficient since fuel consumption only reaches 13.0 L for 100 km. This engine with torque of 383lb in 355 HP enhances great power. Automatic transmission with 6 speeds goes with qualified v8 engine. Direct injection increases efficiency, power, and torque. Piston cooling keeps machine works nicely and reduce noise. Valve timing also has main role to optimize performance.

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