2014 Hummer H3 Alpa Ideal for Family

At a glance hummer seems like tough vehicle composed from cool metal that has nice durability. This midsize SUV is identical to drive in rocky area. It is compatible for travelling for a long route. 2014 hummer h3 offers one of hummer series designed in smaller size than others. Steel frame represents cool character. You will be glad to drive this extraordinary car with your family. This SUV is intended for a family, so it provides sufficient space inside. Ideal vehicle for travelling anywhere with your beloved family comes with not only tough frame but also great specification.

2014 hummer h3 new concept images

You will be surprised with launching 2014 hummer h3 that is categorized into cool vehicle for a family. Of course all people will ask question how much it cost, what it looks like, how its quality, etc. Hammers are produced in various models and hummer h3 2014 is newest one. Certainly it is supplied with extraordinary features. Detail information about this vehicle will be listed on this page. You can determine whether it is good or not after reading this article.

2014 Hummer H3 Alpa Features

Exterior design looks so tough since whole side of body is derived from best steel. Front bumper has tough appearance with shiny headlights. 2014 hummer h3 represents luxurious design supplied with cool components. Classy features composing this vehicle arouses tough and durable look. Interior is facilitated with comfortable seats made of high quality leather. Dark leather covers seat and door panel to give soft texture.

2014 hummer h3 new concept pictures

Features existing on 2014 hummer h3 includes high technical component intended to enhance good performance of the SUV. Bluetooth is applied her e so you can connect it with your mobile phone or other devices to entertain you. Steering wheel is easily to adjust so you will focus on driving cozily. Audio system results amazing performance because of six speakers supporting bombastic sound. There is navigation system on dashboard to guide you run into right route.

Strong power resulted by 2014 hummer h3 is enhanced by engine five cylinders. V8 engine combined with automatic transmission present awesome performance. However, 2014 Toyota FJ cruiser is one of competitor of 2014 hummer h3 version. People consider performance, safety, and fuel economy factors of both vehicles in determining which the best one. This car will be released at beginning of 2014. Price of hummer h3 released in 2014 is quite expensive than other versions of hammer. Price range of hammer series is between $ 15,000 and $ 70,000, even more.

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New 2014 Hummer H3 Alpa Ideal for Family
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