2014 Land Rover Defender Usa Road Test

Before this new car from Land Rover is launched, you will find in the previous series the Kahn Design in the Land Rover Military Edition. Kahn Design is known with the aerodynamic kit, the lightweight wheel wings, and the spirit of the legendary off-road vehicle. However, in this new 2014 Land Rover Defender it will be developed from the fierce iconic sport vehicle and also become more exclusive for 2014 Land Rover Defender.

2014 land rover defender electric off road pictures

2014 Land Rover Defender Power Train

This car has powered with 2.0 L diesel engine with the DC 100 sport. To get the better acceleration, this 2014 Land Rover Defender is also equipped with 2.0 L turbo petrol engine. Besides, this car will use the plug-in technology and also the hybrid for the efficiency. Those features and the mechanical capabilities in this car are applied to make the user get an excellent performance in it.

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This car produces 350 horsepower and 350 foot pounds of torque from the supercharged six cylinders. To get the maximize use of the efficiency, this Land Rover Defender is designed to be more lighten than the previous series in its braking system and acceleration. This car is having a good efficiency that cause by this Land Rover Defender does not need another gas guzzling SUV to throw the wrench of the fuel economy standard by the company.

The rumors say that this new 2014 Land Rover Defender will be released in the late of this year. Besides, it seems that this car will utilize the company’s T5 chassis to get the independent suspension. Therefore, this car will be smooth enough on the road to keep your easy riding and also the convenience feeling. This car will be charged for around US$40,000. So, just wait for about two months more for 2014 Land Rover Defender.

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New 2014 Land Rover Defender Usa Road Test
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