2014 Land Rover Lr4 Changes Review

2014 Land Rover L4 is the newest automobile produced by Land Rover Company. The type of this new 2014 Land Rover Lr4 is a big SUV type. This is kind of automobile that match for off-road sport. It has luxurious exterior as an off-road vehicle that still gives the best performance for off-road activities. This automobile has seven seats on the interior that can accommodate some people on this car, such a big car.

2014 land rover lr4 exterior design pictures

The new Performance from 2014 Land Rover Lr4

There are some new features designed on this new 2014 land Rover Lr4 SUV that will impress anyone who see this great feature. The old machine on the older Land Rover has been replaced with engine of 3.0l V-6 and the automatic transmission of eight speeds. This is the great invention of the Land Rover SUV. This 2014 Land Rover Lr4 also give the new performance of the new automatically shuts engine of when vehicle stopped, that make the fuel is thrift. The change of this new Land Rover SUV is concentrated in the front of car with new bar grille that is change in two bars, new bumper, for lights and also headlights.

The interior design of this 2014 Land Rover Lr4 is having stunning interior design that make this car is more interesting. Driver assistance, collision alert, monitoring of blind-spot, detection of rear cross-traffic, those are some addition on new 2014 Land Rover Lr4. Completed with seven seats make this car is big enough to be used with your friends.

The Exterior of this 2014 Land Rover Lr4 has some improvement compared with the former Land Rover SUV. There is a new grille, headlamps, front bumper, and rear and also front fog light on this new car. As the addition, it is also completed with front sunroof, and heated windshield. Those are some improvement that happened on new 2014 Land Rover Lr4.

2014 land rover lr4 concept pictures

The 2014 Land Rover Lr4 has one engine and transmission that is pairing and available in U.S market. It has automatic transmission of 6-speed, and it also has manual and sport shift modes. The weight of this L4 is about big 5,833lb, and it has acceleration up to 60 mph per 7.5 second, great acceleration, but it still gives impressive performance. For the safety feature of this Land Rover SUV, it has antilock brakes, curtain back in the side of the interior car, electric stability system, warning system for blind spot and backup camera. This new 2014 Land Rover Lr4 will be released in the middle of November in United Kingdom; meanwhile the price will be officially announced soon.

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New 2014 Land Rover Lr4 Changes Review
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