2014 Lincoln Navigator Redesign Specs

2014 Lincoln Navigator is a modern car that comes in SUV type. 2014 Lincoln Navigator SUV can accommodate several passenger with its 8-seating. This new 2014 Lincoln Navigator is full-size SUV car and the design has elegant design, also it is fun to drive this car. This 2014 Lincoln Navigator has been considered as the most American car that is designed as the car which always survives in the tight competition in the middle of the automobile industry that always brings the new product or vehicle in every single time that make the competition of sales of the product has become tighter.

2014 Lincoln Navigator white color photos

2014 Lincoln Navigator New Features

Lincoln has promised to produce the new model of its SUV type. The previously Lincoln navigator must be replaced by the new Lincoln Navigator, that is popular called as 2014 Lincoln Navigator. The new design of 2014 Lincoln will show some difference between the previous Lincoln Navigator with the new 2014 Lincoln Navigator.

About the exterior design of this 2014 Lincoln Navigator, the exterior of the car, do not show any significant difference between the previous Lincoln Navigator and 2014 Lincoln navigator. It is still a SUV car that come in huge space and having 8 seats of passenger, so the car can accommodate a lot of people, but use the car wisely, do not accommodate too much people, besides can ruin the car, accommodate too much people precisely will be a dangerous thing for the passenger.

2014 Lincoln Navigator front photos

This car use engine of 5.4litre V8 rated in 310 horsepower and the 365 lb-ft of torque. The engine which is used for 2014 Lincoln Navigator is capable; it means that the 2014 Lincoln navigator can run in regular gasoline or fuel. With those great engine that is used by the Lincoln Navigator, the performance of the car show that the car has great performance and acceleration.

2014 Lincoln Navigator redesign photos

Talk about the difference that is brought by the 2014 Lincoln Navigator, there is no significant difference from this new SUV car from Lincoln. This new Lincoln navigator SUV also completed with the addition feature on this new car. Some addition feature including cooling and heated front seats, full seating that the material of the seating is from high quality leather that makes the seating become a comfortable seating, automatic of xenon headlamp rear-view camera, Bluetooth, music and phone streaming. Those are some addition feature on the new 2014 Lincoln Navigator which proof that the new Lincoln Navigator shows great performance.

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New 2014 Lincoln Navigator Redesign Specs
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