2014 mclaren P1 Review Specs : A Future Supercar That You Really Have to Know

In the talk about future car, 2014 mclaren p1 is the one that we may not forget involving. This car is not just a car that is created by McLaren. Instead, it is actually a car that has a quite high level of interesting values and of course, these are the ones that make the car to be the one that you really have to know, even if the fact is that this car has not been released yet. So, what are actually the interesting values that you will be able to find in this car? Let you know about that here for 2014 McLaren P1.

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2014 McLaren P1 in Need for Speed Game

Before knowing about the details of 2014 mclaren p1, it will be great for you to know about some fun fact that is related to this car. The fact that is meant here is that this car appears in the latest game series of Need for Speed, which is known to be the Need for Speed: Rivals. Other than that, this car will make a debut also in Need for Speed film that is mentioned to be released for you and others to see sometime in the year of 2014.

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Detail Information on 2014 McLaren P1

If the movie that is mentioned previously will be released in 2014, McLaren P1 will be released in 2013. The exact time of the released will be on October, 2013 for retail buyers in UK. Of course it will be followed by the release of this car in other parts of the world. If seen from the details, this car is adorned with a V8 petrol turbocharged engine. This engine is known to deliver a quite high level of power, which is 727 bhp and also 719 Nm which is calculated at about 7500 rpm. This is surely the one that makes this 2014 mclaren p1 perfect as a supercar, which is identical with speed and power ride.

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New 2014 mclaren P1 Review Specs : A Future Supercar That You Really Have to Know
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