2014 mercedes CL Class, More Powerful 4-Door Coupe

2014 mercedes cl is the best option for all of you who are waiting for new car product from Mercedes Benz. There are some changes that you will find in this new car. This new car will be made with powerful engine system and it will be made with better design too. Mercedes Benz gives little surprise for this car. For all of you who want to buy this car, you better check the detail specification of this car first. You need to check the features inside this 2014 mercedes CL.

2014 mercedes cl design pictures

2014 mercedes CL Specification oand Design

2014 mercedes cl will come with all wheel drive system and also power enhancement system. The new car will be made with 5.5L and twin turbo V8 engine system. This engine system will develop more than 550 HP and 531 lb ft. It is the best car for you. You will be able to reach your first 62 mph with 3.7 seconds only. How about the transmission for this car? This car is made with seven-speed automatic transmission that will be able to control the steering wheel in good way. You can save more fuel because this car will be completed with fuel economy system too. You better know the competitors from this car and you can choose the winner.

2014 mercedes cla amg pictures

2014 mercedes cl is made with cherry wood load flooring. You will be able to find good stereo system for all models. There will be sport seat belts inside this 2014 mercedes CL You can find some changes inside this car. The price of this car will be announced later. There are some car competitors for this car such as Mercedes Benz E63 AMG sedan, jaguar XFR, Cadillac CTS, Audi RS7 and some other cars. You can find the detail information about this car in some car’s reviews. This car offers you best safety features that will protect you during your journey.

New 2014 mercedes CL Class, More Powerful 4-Door Coupe
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