2014 Mini Cooper Convertible Release Concept

From a lot of future car that is waited by a lot of people, it can be said that 2014 mini cooper is the one that is expected quite the most. As we all already know, Mini is so successful in gaining attention and love from people in all over the world. It is so reasonable then if the future car series of it is the one that is always waited too for 2014 Mini Cooper.

2014 mini cooper exterior white color pictures

2014 Mini Cooper Best Specifications

As a future car, it can be said that 2014 mini cooper has some best things in the specifications that are already known right now. Let us say that there is a new engine that will be applied to this car that is predicted to be more powerful that the engine applied to the previous series of the car. For the base model, the engine that will be used is a 1.5L 3-cyl engine. Besides the fact that it is a more powerful manual transmission engine, it is also mentioned to have a better fuel economy too that is certainly another good point that can be found in this future car.

2014 mini cooper clubman new design pictures

The Release date of Mini Cooper 2014 Series

For you who are waiting so much for this car, it is too bad that the specific release date of it has not yet been mentioned by the manufacturer. Even so, the time when it will be release for the first time is already stated. It is scheduled that the car will be launched in fall season of 2014. Since that is still a really long way to go, it seems that there will be more detail information about this 2014 mini cooper that will be shared for all of us to know while we are waiting for the car to be released.

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New 2014 Mini Cooper Convertible Release Concept
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