2014 Pontiac GTO the Judge Specs, Price

When you hear that Pontiac GTO series will return really soon, you may think that it is a kind of a dream or something like that. Thankfully, it is not a dream. The reason is because there is already an early announcement made that there will really be 2014 pontiac gto released. It is so sure that more detail information about the car will be delivered not so long from now because 2014 is so near already. Other than this car, it seems that there will be some other old car series of Pontiac that will make a return in the same year too.

2014 pontiac gto exterior design pictures

2014 Pontiac GTO Specification

If seen from the specifications, it is so sure that 2014 pontiac gto will have really different specifications compared to the latest car series available in the family. In simple words it can be said that this 2014 series will receive a lot of modernizations in the specifications. The engine that is applied to this new 2014 Pontiac GTO series is also new. It is a V8 engine that is definitely powerful. Moreover, this engine is also mentioned to have the ability to create up to 614hp. For the physical appearance of this car, it seems that some old details found in the old version of the 2014 Pontiac GTO.

2014 pontiac gto rear angle pictures

When This Pontiac GTO Will be Available

It is not so sure when this car will be release to public. The sure thing is that it will hit markets in the year of 2014. For you to know, some new cars of this automaker will actually be released for the first time in the 30th anniversary of the automaker. Since it is so, there is a chance for this 2014 pontiac gto to be released in the same release date that is also the date of the anniversary of the automaker it self.

2014 pontiac gto the judge concept pictures

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New 2014 Pontiac GTO the Judge Specs, Price
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