2014 Pontiac GTO New Old Car Turn

It is just like a daydream when the new series of GTO will be released in this year. Well, it seems like it is not just a dream because it is true that the new series of this car will be released this year which is made so different than the previous or latest versions. This 2014 Pontiac GTO will admire all the old classic car fans with its great design and specifications. In fact, as the anniversary of this manufacturer, it seems that many old cars series will come back again in this year, what a superb gift for this year.

2014 Pontiac GTO colors images

2014 Pontiac GTO New Features

2014 Pontiac GTO gives the whole different look with its specifications. 2014 Pontiac GTO specs such as the v8 engine which can produce up to 614 hp is just great for this new version. You may get the new wheel and tires of 20 inches. The fascia clip with tail lamp lenses and bulbs and the exhaust conversion with the splitter tips for having such a great look and performance for this cool car.

2014 Pontiac GTO is released with the upgraded interior. 2014 Pontiac GTO interior with the embroidered head rest and console head. You can get the luxurious and elegant look with this embroidered head rest. The all aluminium materials for the door panel, dash inserts and also the instrument cluster which are adding the modernity to this superb car.

2014 Pontiac GTO is also particular with the door panel badges and Pontiac GTO badge and designation. You will get the cozy car which combines the modernity and classic style. That cool stylish design and features will make all the classic car geeks will scream out loud for this stunning car. The superb car which is designed with the all new look.

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New 2014 Pontiac GTO New Old Car Turn
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