2014 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Release Date, Specs

Not so long ago, a video teaser of 2014 pontiac trans am was revealed. Until now, this video is still a talk among quite a lot of automotive observers and enthusiast in all over the world. It is especially for the fans of the old version of Pontiac GTO, which is no other else but the 1969 series. As we all know, from that time until recently, there is no indication that there will be a future series of the 2014 Pontiac Trans AM series. That is why when the video was revealed, it became such frenzy news for a quite huge number of people.

2014 pontiac trans am firebird exterior concept pictures

Engine Prediction for the 2014 Series of Pontiac Trans AM

If seen from the physical appearance shown in the video, it can actually be said that the look of 2014 pontiac trans am still have some details that makes it similar to the design applied in the current latest series of the car family. For the engine, until now there is no official announcement about the engine stated yet until now. Even so, there is a quite strong prediction that the type of engine that will be used to adorn this 2014 Pontiac Trans AM is no other else but V8. If seen some already exist cars that are adorned with this engine, it seems that this future car series will be a quite powerful ride.

2014 pontiac trans am firebird black color pictures

The Release Date of This Pontiac Trans AM

When it comes to the release date of the 2014 Pontiac Trans AM, it is still not know about the exact release date of the car. Even if it is so, it seems that this will be released very especially in the 30th anniversary of the automaker that is right in the year of 2014. In order to prove about that and all other things related to the 2014 pontiac trans am, it seems that we just need to wait for a little bit more for official further information.

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New 2014 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Release Date, Specs
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