2014 Skoda Fabia Concept Arrives This Year

The all new 2014 Skoda Fabia remains more than 12 months away, but it already booms the road and disguises as the current VW Polo. And we pick the insider information to produce the exclusive image of how the showroom super mini can look. There is some information that we can find about this car. As we can see on its official website, the pictures of this car are so amazing. We must be impressed even just from its pictures.

2014 skoda fabia monte carlo

2014 Skoda Fabia Ne Features

The sister car to the Seat Ibiza Cupra and the Volkswagen Polo will not be changed when the new 2014 Skoda Fabia arrives in the 2014. Welsch tells the reason behind the decision. The truth is people like the Fabia VRS, but they do not get it. This is a very beautiful car and will impress all people. But its price is so expensive if it is compared with an original one. People are not able to buy this car with their medium economical condition.

However, Welsch does not explain more about the possibility of the 2014 Skoda Fabia VRS. Of course if there is really strong demand in several markets, they will be quick to create it happen, as the engineer that they like to build the car like that. This is a car that is demanded by many people. About its price, there will be an attempt how to make it possible to be bought by everyone. It may need a while to think about it.

wegenbelasting 2014 skoda fabia greenline

However, the Chief Designer Jozef Kaban explains to the Auto Express on the recent event that the new Skoda Fabia will be the most extrovert design now, with the big front grille, the angular headlight, and the LED tail lamp. Those are some details accessories that can be found in this wonderful and brand model.

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New 2014 Skoda Fabia Concept Arrives This Year
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