2014 Tesla Model S Changes Fantastic Electric Fuel

Various models of luxury cars that continue to be presented in the automotive world, they continue to compete with its competitors to bring the design and quality machine that ogled by the consumer. One of the sport sedans that also marked the luxury car segment is 2014 Tesla Model S. This car is fantastic because it has electric fuel, so you can save money on fuel usage. Tesla Model S is a car with a design that offers a simple yet elegant impression. The car is expected to compete with other sports cars.

2014 Tesla Model S red colour pictures

2014 Tesla Model S New Features

2014 Tesla Model S is a car that is equipped with a security system and a complete safety, so riders will feel comfortable in driving. In contrast to other sports car, the Tesla Model S 2014 is presented with 4 doors that can accommodate up to 5 passengers. This luxury car is suitable for a small family. A family would be close and harmonious if can walk and get together with family.

2014 Tesla Model S has a different machine with its competitors; this luxury car offers a plug – in electric cars long. The car is now circulating in the United States has a 40 kilowatt-hour battery that can travel 208 miles or the other type of battery machine that has a 85 kwh battery models are capable of producing 265 miles.

2014 Tesla Model S presents with a more perfect design than its predecessor has a slim design and lower so that the car is capable of moving quickly on the highway either straight or cornering. New Tesla Model S is equipped with sophisticated features, these features are made to the driver comfortable in driving, Availability of features like 17-inch color screen in the middle of the front. The screen displays applications that are needed by the driver and can be used as well as internet connectivity which is directly connected to the built-in cell phone.

2014 Tesla Model S highway pictures

2014 Tesla Model S Price

2014 Tesla Model S offers a price of $ 80,000 – $ 100,000 price is quite cheap compared to its competitors. This car is able to compete and enliven the luxury sports car market. For those of you who want a luxury car with a cheaper price compared to the others should choice Tesla Model S sport car due to its design and charming. Therefore, the company that manufactures this car gives the market shares of the middle class because the price offered was still quite affordable of 2014 Tesla Model S.

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New 2014 Tesla Model S Changes Fantastic Electric Fuel
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