2014 Toyota Fortuner Review Release

Toyota just released new 2014 toyota fortuner to the world. This car is coming with tag line “The World is Mine”. Toyota is famous as best auto manufacture. Toyota always tries to create best car for all people in the world. There are some changes that will be offered to you in this new Toyota Fortuner. You need to check some changes from the new Toyota Fortuner before you order this car. It is good for us to check the detail specification about the engine system of this first 2014 Toyota Fortuner.

2014 toyota fortuner new concept picture

2014 Toyota Fortuner Specification

2014 toyota fortuner will come with 4.0L with 16-valve DOHC with VVT-I engine system. The fuel type that will be used is gasoline. The fuel capacity of this car is 65 L. By using this engine system, this car can create better power and speed than the previous car. The transmission that is used in this car is 4-speed automatic transmission. The transmission will be able to produce smooth driving experience. You don’t need to worry because you can save more fuel with fuel economy system. You need to check the interior and exterior design of this car too.

2014 toyota fortuner white colors picture

2014 toyota fortuner will be made with modern and stylish exterior and interior design. You will be able to get new stylish look of the new Fortuner. Some people usually will compare this car with some other cars such as Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. The design of Fortuner is similar with Pajero. When you want to know the best car between Fortuner and Pajero, you better compare both of the cars. How much money that you need to buy new Toyota Fortuner? The new Toyota Furniture will be sold at $50,650 for the base price. You need to pay higher when you add some accessories of 2014 Toyota Fortuner.

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New 2014 Toyota Fortuner Review Release
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