2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Price and Review

On 2014, there are a lot of manufacturers produced luxurious SUV. Of course this makes SUV moves to the higher level. It is not just a family car, but now it reaches its new position. Toyota, a well-known car manufacturer, has released its new generation of land cruiser, 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser. This luxurious SUV is claimed to have everything you need to be in a car. That is why, the price is a bit out of average people’s reach. This Land Cruiser has $77.955 on its label. Wow. What a pricey SUV. So, what makes this car has such a high price? Let’s take a good look on 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser.

2014 toyota land cruiser exterior new design pictures

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Performance

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser has reached 5 stars out of 10 Large Luxurious SUV. The rank is decided based on the analysis of the reviewers and the test drivers worldwide. Besides of that rank, Land Cruiser has also on the 5 rank of SUV Off-Road and on the 7 rank of Three Rows Luxurious SUV. With the price that almost reaches $78.000, this car will never let you down. This Land Cruiser has great performance due to its V-8 engine. It has 382 horse power, which is more powerful than the average SUV. It also is completed with rugged suspensions and highway speed of 5.700 vehicle pound that make this car has off-road ability.

The first seats and second row seats are very comfortable with spacious room for legs. Though the third row is a bit narrower, it doesn’t make it less cozy. The Land Cruiser has eight seats for adults, which is bigger that the average SUV that only offers seven seats. Just like any other luxurious car, it has entertainment and safety tools like sound system, HD radio, USB, Bluetooth audio and phone, navigation system, climate reader, keyless start and entry, and also airbags for 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser.

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New 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Price and Review
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