2014 Toyota Venza Concept Release Wagon Outside, Crossover Inside

Well, actually the shape and the design of 2014 Toyota Venza with the previous generation of Toyota Venza is not far different. It still has the same wagon car. Though, the looks of the car states that it is more like a crossover. Well let’s not make a debate about that. The combination of the wagon and crossover makes a good touch for this car, though. This car has five passenger seats for adults, though the style of this car is adapted from SUV. With its fewer passengers’ seats than SUV, it means that it has smaller shape than SUV. However, it has wider space for cargo and give a glance of adventurous 2014 Toyota Venza.

2014 toyota venza exeterior color pictures

2014 Toyota Venza Performance

At the heart of its crossover look, 2014 Toyota Venza has V-6 engine with four cylinder diesel. Venze is made in two options, the one with front-wheel or all-wheel. The V-6 creates 268 horse power, while the original engine only makes 182 horse power from 2.4 liters.

2014 toyota venza engine pictures

The acceleration and mileage between the front-wheel and all-wheel is not far different. EPA estimated that it has 20 city mpg and 26 highway. It means that the car will need not a huge consumption for fuel. Both of the cars have the same engine system. This car s not a fast car, though the manufacturer admit that it adapts SUV theme. It is perfect for you who have a kid who is a newbie driver.

2014 Toyota Venza is attached with climate control, mirrors and locks, power window, cruise control, privacy glass, seven airbags (including the knee airbags for the drivers), and seatbelt pretensioners. Those features are more than enough to give better satisfaction and also comfort. And for the entertainment, it has speaker audio, touch screen navigation system, leather upholstery, satellite radio, and Toyota Key System.

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New 2014 Toyota Venza Concept Release Wagon Outside, Crossover Inside
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