2015 Alfa Romeo Spider Great Sport Style

Today, Alfa Romeo manufacturing is showing their existence by producing great sport cars. The cars that were produced are promoted in some other countries outside Italia and the Alfa Romeo manufacturing received many good responses. By the time of 2013 they had produced and still produce good quality sport cars. 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider is one of the products that they are planned.

2015 alfa romeo spider concept pictures

2015 Alfa Romeo Spider New Concept

Since the Alfa Romeo manufacturing constantly producing sport cars, the manufacturer wants to launch 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider still with a great sport style. Since the sport cars usually have unique shapes people will admire them. Some people in this world want to have a sport car to show their prestige. People will also consider the comfort of the car and the Alfa Romeo products can give you that. So, if you are one of the admirers of comfort sport car products you have to wait Alfa Romeo Spider 2015 because it will not only be produced with unique shape but also with good specification.

2015 Alfa Romeo Spider has very great interior, the position and cover of the two-seats is very comfortable and fabulous. It has extreme cocooning with driver-oriented and it makes the car passengers enjoys. Over all, the interior is dominated with black and silver color to make a luxurious looks. Besides from its great interior, the exterior is also admirable. It has a gorgeous shape like every product of Alfa Romeo.

It has 1.7m wide and 4m long with air intakes on either side of a little suspended, streamlined grill, surrounding structure and windshield, new headlights, rear and front axles, and front bulkhead. 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider will have a great roadster that now is still being tested. Alfa Romeo Spider in 2005 has complete feature such as air bag, speaker, air conditioner, and so on, but the most attractive feature is the Alfa DNA system which allows the driver to set the 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider mode in dynamic (D), natural (N), and all weather (A) the driver may choose depends on his/ her convenience by simply moving a selector located in front of the gear lever.

2015 alfa romeo spider exterior design pictures

There is also prefilled system which will work to the brake if there is an emergency moment. The engine of this car uses 1.75L 4-cylinder turbocharged with 200 hp. The price of this car is approximately lower than $55.000 and it will be released in the late 2015. Some cars could be the competitors of 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider such as Audi Q5, Mazda 3, BMW Z4, and Mercedes-Benz CL-class.

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New 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider Great Sport Style
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