2015 Aston Martin db9 Review and Release Date

Great expectation of the new 2015 Aston Martin db9 is totally showed from how the previous version of Aston Martin db9 2014 which is so dash and sporty with its incredible features, engines and specifications. We can expect more for the 2015 db6 by seeing and reviewing the previous car and see what we can expect and wonder what will be added revised or featured in the new series.

2015 Aston Martin db9 new concept images

2015 Aston Martin db9 Real Sporty Ride

2015 Aston Martin db9 will be expected to have more dashing and better engine of 2014 db9 which is an all new 6.0 l V12 which with AM 11 can pump out 510 hp. Aston Martin db9 series are overall are mid size car with two-plus-two sitter glamour coupe then for the next series hope that the more luxurious and glamour sitter will be added, then you can proudly show off your real sporty ride.

2015 Aston Martin db9 Interior

2015 Aston Martin db9 interior design is probably quite similar or even more than the previous one that is 2014 Aston Martin db9. For the exterior seems that it will be quite similar with the LED side lamps and blinkers. The front and back ends have an added the carbon which is light for the reinforcement, to improve the safety and performance which are the results of pressing down the car into its higher speed. 2015 Aston Martin db9 will look so dash and powerful with its incredible speed.

2015 Aston Martin db9 0 -60

2015 Aston Martin db9 will be likely so cool if we see it from the previous series. The specs of this new series will be likely not so different from the 2014 db9 which has an auto six speed automatic transmissions which lets the quick shifts for almost instant gear changing and it is supported by 4 rear wheel drive. You can imagine how great the new one if the previous one can move from 0 – 60 just in 4, 6 seconds. Moreover with the light weight aluminum as the primary metal will give the lighter overall weight and give the easier riding to the drivers.

2015 Aston Martin db9 white rear angle images

2015 Aston Martin db9 Release Date

2015 Aston Martin db9 is actually still has much information which have not been released yet, but we can take many considerations and wonder of how Aston Martin will represent this new series. We may take some visions from the previous series of 2014 db9 and if the previous one is so dashing and cool like this, then we can expect something which is so cool or even so much better.

New 2015 Aston Martin db9 Review and Release Date
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