2015 Audi Q6 Release Date

When talking about 2015 Audi Q6, there is in fact a rumor that this new car is actually the one produced in order to be the most proper competitor for the new BMW X6. In order to know about this, of course there is nothing else can be done but observing the details of this new Audi series. Unfortunately, until now there the news about the details of the car is still very limited. It also includes the information about when the car will be released, which is in fact rumored to be sometime in the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.

2015 audi q6

2015 Audi Q6 New Concept
One example of detail which seems to indicate that 2015 Audi Q6 is really produced to fir the BMW car series is the types of engine will be used to adorn it. There is a strong indication that there will be two types of engine offered for this car series. Those are V6 and also V8 engines which are in fact also used in BMW X6 series. The best thing about the engine options offered for Audi Q6 is available in all petrol, diesel, and also the combination of petrol engine and electric motor. This way, buyers can choose the type of engine which is suitable to their driving style the most. One example of the engine options is 4.0L V8 turbocharged engine which is about to be adorned under the hood of Audi Q6 RS model. For you to know, this RS model is in fact the one rumored to be very strong as the most top model among all other models provided for the 2015 car series. Unfortunately, no details about how much power can be produced by this engine known yet until now.

2015 Audi Q6 New Desgin
As for the design of 2015 Audi Q6, there is not much for us to know but some details of the exterior design including also some changes applied there. If seen from the exterior, this 5-seater crossover is mentioned to have the quite same platform with Volkswagen Touareg and also Porsche Cayenne. If being asked about what changes applied to this exterior design, it can be said that the most significant change can be seen in the headlights at the front while the front grille of the car is still quite the same with the previous series of the same car family. Hopefully, further information about the changes in this car will soon be told.

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New 2015 Audi Q6 Release Date
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