2015 Bentley Azure Convertible Review, Release Date

2015 Bentley Azure is the newest series which is the new series of Azure. This is produced by Bentley which is usually called 2015 aziz Bentley Azure has the stylish look for its convertible type. Bentley is well known for its trendy convertible car and its classic look but it is so sleek and dash. This is the newest series with we can see the improved features of Bentley Azure.

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2015 Bentley Azure Release Date

2015 Bentley Azure series have been released from 2001 until 2009 and then the new series which is overall new in 2010 with the series of Bentley Azure T. In the year of 2001 until 2009 Bentley Azure is so classics but great, this four seat car with the soft top convertible style is so interesting and cool. The current style has the 6, 25 l V8 engine of twin turbo charged which can produce the speed up to 500 hp and it is completed with 740 pound feet of torque.

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2015 Bentley Azure Specs

2015 Bentley Azure specs can be predicted that it will be so stunning and superb because the previous series are also so cool. The previous series can move from 0 to 60 mph just in 5, 2 seconds. Then, it hit the top speed of 171 mph and this is so wonderful for such a convertible car. 2015 Bentley Azure will be likely so much better than the previous series which are able to produce such of great speed in that years.

2015 Bentley Azure Features

2015 Bentley Azure will be featured with many improved accessories which we also can find in the previous series. Those features such as the 20 inch wheels, the xenon headlights, the seats which is power adjustable are showing the greater and improved style of this new style. Then the three climate control to let you adjust the desired climate and control your car to adapt with the weather will help you to get the comfortable driving inside your home.

2015 bentley azure convertible interior design images

2015 Bentley Azure will be so glamour with the diamond-quilted upholstery and the drilled pedals and the electronic features such as iPod and USB interface to prove its credibility as the stylish convertible cars. This is totally a perfect choice for you who want to drive such a cool and dash convertible car which you can show off this car on road. The new series which is likely will be such a hit in convertible car class.

2015 bentley azure convertible highway images

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New 2015 Bentley Azure Convertible Review, Release Date
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