2015 Bentley Continental Supersports Styling Change

The Bentley Automobile Company will release its newest car on 2015. 2015 Bentley Continental that is the newest car from Bentley which is planned will be released by the 2015. Good reaction is accepted from the customer and automobile industry, when this Bentley Continental was debuted on the one of motor show event held in Geneva, Swiss. The responses from the Bentley’s customer itself is good, they said that the new Bentley Continental would be a great car when the concept of this Bentley Continental was announced.

2015 bentley continental supersports concept pictures

2015 Bentley Continental Supersports New Design

The Exterior design chief of the Bentley Company, David Hilton said that the new concept of the 2015 Bentley Continental is on progressing. So the new concept that has been declared before will get some additional changes. David Hilton also said that he want the automobile to appear in sleek and also upright shape. So the additional changes are needed to get that shape. The Bentley Chief Company also said that the new 2015 Bentley Continental will come in new concept with slightly larger than the previous car.

About the interior design of the 2015 Bentley Continental, this car gives the more passenger space, which means that these cars accommodate more passengers that the previous car of Bentley can do. The Company also give some clue that the car will come in green technology. If that would be really done by the Bentley, it would be a great invention from Bentley, it such a sign from Bentley to support the go green campaign. Actually in this recent years, Bentley has concerned about increasing gasoline efficiency, the emission, and also always do research about biofuel that can be used for the car’s gasoline. So this way can help in reducing the global warming.

2015 Bentley Continental SUV car, from the concept that has been informed recently, this car will be powered by 650 horsepower. From this clue can be imagining that the next Bentley Continental will be powerful supercar. This vehicle also use carbon fibre panel that will make this car come in lighter weight.

2015 bentley continental supersports exterior design pictures

The stiffer suspension on the 2015 Bentley Continental will give the sportier drive for the user that will make this car show its sporty side, however this car is definitely is designed as sporty vehicle. About the release update of this 2015 Bentley Continental SUV car, there is no any official announcement from the Company.

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New 2015 Bentley Continental Supersports Styling Change
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