2015 Bentley GTC Convertible Concept Specs

The 2015 Bentley GTC can find the sharp, the edgy, and the responsive. It is quite a bit leaner than we may guess of everything from the storied and when stodgier luxury marquee. The Continental Bentley GTC V8 tells us that. And today to utilize the potential for the driving enthusiast, it is made the Continental GTC V8 S. This new creation is presented for all of driving enthusiasts. With this car, we can maximize our potential on driving cars. It has all we need from a car. It has both perfect look and machine. This is a complete car to have.

2015 Bentley GTC new concept

2015 Bentley GTC Engine

The 2015 Bentley GTC, the Bentley S badge will take us the higher output version of the 4.0 liter twin turbo charging V 8, here creating the 521 horsepower and the 502 pound feet of torque. It does not have the same high as the W 12 model 567 hp and the 516 lb ft but it is enough to take the V8 S to the 60 mph in only 4.3 seconds. Although there is a little difference of the model and power, but it still fast to ride. It has a lower power is true but the ability to ride fast is just the same.

2015 Bentley GTC New Models

The 2015 Bentley GTC S model decrease by the ten mm too for the stronger, the decrease stance, and the blacked out grille may be the other most noticeable thing. Otherwise it has the more aggressive front splitter, the unusual side sill, and the huge 20 inch wheel with the red brake caliper. With all these differences, the new Bentley becomes very special among the other new comers. There will be some different points that we will find in this car. What we will be so interested is the more aggressive front splitter. We will feel its aggressiveness on road.

2015 Bentley GTC Powertrain

The 8 speed automatic transmission finds the S mode with the sharper throttle response, the shift, and the shift point to match the even more driver oriented goal. The 2014 Bentley Continental GTC V8 S is sent beginning next this year while the 2015 Bentley GTC will be delivered next year. All about Bentley is always nice to know and talk about. Comparing the current, the next, or the planned car of it is always attractive to find out. What we would like about this car will be the speed automatic transmission that will help us easy and comfortable to ride.

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New 2015 Bentley GTC Convertible Concept Specs
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