2015 BMW 7 Series Facelift Release Has Been Seen Already!

Being seen in Nurburgring to undergo testing, the earthshaking 2015 BMW 7 Series will be ready to compete in automobiles world soon. Even though the vehicle is known to come in a heavy camouflage, the design is quite similar to the outgoing BMW 7 Series. With such camouflage in all over the body, the iconic stylish design of BMW cannot be seen clearly. However, the awesome grille is still there to give classy touch to this BMW vehicle. The prototype of 7 Series is designed with an upward sweeping beltline as well as dual exhaust system to boost its performance.

2015 BMW 7 Series new concept pictures

2015 BMW 7 Series New Concept

The 2015 BMW 7 Series is claimed to be more efficient and lighter than its predecessor. Coming with light materials such as aluminum, steel and carbon fiber, it enables the sedan to have lighter weight than its predecessor. It is predicted to weigh about 1,670 kg, which makes it 204 kg lighter than the earlier product. This 2015 BMW 7 Series feature allows the vehicle to run faster than the other sedan with heavier weight. The lightweight claimed by the BMW Company is believed to improve the efficiency of the vehicle. Could BMW make it real? We will know soon.

As the latest BMW 7 Series comes in a heavy camouflage, it is quite hard to define the exterior and interior brought by this sedan. The company might want to keep it as a secret until the release date is coming. However, we can peek into the prototype spied in the Nurburgring. As mentioned above, the 2015 BMW 7 Series will undergo new construction, with the combination of lighter materials. Due this lighter weight, the latest 7 Series is believed to give better performance and offer easy handling to its driver. Moreover, powerful engine is ready to make it run.

Under the hood, BMW will give its latest series with V6, V8 and V12 which are connected to the gearboxes. The V12 engine with 6.0 Liter twin turbo will be able to give you 535 horsepower and is able to give 550lb-ft of torque. However, the exact information about the engine is unconfirmed yet. In conclusion, many people are looking forward for the release date of this latest BMW series. The sedan is predicted to be launched soon in 2014 or 2015. Keep your eyes widely opened to check out the exact price of this amazing 2015 BMW 7 Series.


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New 2015 BMW 7 Series Facelift Release Has Been Seen Already!
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