2015 Bmw Alpina B6 Xdrive Gran Coupe

Who do not know about BMW? It is one of the famous auto manufactures in the world from Europe. Bmw has done great in manufacturing good cars for many years. Up to now, BMW’s car models are always included as the top list especially in sedan segment. The two top models from BMW are E and M models. For those who like luxurious grand design from BMW prefer M model. However, do you know that there is other peculiar model from BMW that is new? Yes, it is the 2015 Bmw alpina b6. Actually, Alpina is independent of BMW technically. However, Alpina still same on the same umbrella with BMW. Most of the Alpina’s models are presented through network of BMW dealer. For those who live in Europe may find Alpina models easily. However, this year would be the debut of 2015 BMW alpina b6 in United States auto market.

2015 bmw alpina b6 xdrive gran coupe pictures

2015 Bmw Alpina B6 Specs
Actually the 2015 bmw alpina b6 and the M6 grand coupe from BMW have a lot of similarity. Both of the Alpina B6 and BMW M6 grand Coupe use same engine pack that is V-8 4.4 liter twin-turbo engine. Alpina B6 use Alpina Bi-Turbo V8 that can produce 540 hp and 540 lb/ft of torque. Thanks to the Alpina Switch-Tronic system that give Alpine B6 8-speed automatic transmission so it can deliver impressive torque. However, Alpina B6 still adopts all-wheel drive system from BMW’s xDrive. Actually, BMW Alpina B6 and BMW M6 Grand Coupe almost have same performance. M6 with its same engine pack can produce more horsepower that up to 560 hp. Unfortunately, M6 only use a transmission of 7-speed dual-clutch so that it only can deliver 500 lb/ft of torque. Alpina B6 only needs 3.7 seconds to reach 60 mph. It is quicker than M6 to reach 60 mph. Moreover, if Alpina B6 runs without any restrictors in place, it can run up to 195 mph. On other hand, M6’s top speed is only 155 mph. Thus, my personal opinion, Alpina B6 has better performance than the BMW M6.

2015 bmw alpina b6 xdrive gran coupe photos

2015 Bmw Alpina B6 Release Date and Price
This year would be the year where 2015 Bmw alpina b6 would hit the United States auto market. The price of the Alpina B6 is around $118,225 but it is included with handling and destination price. The price for handling and destination is $925. Last March, the Alpina B6 officially launched at the New York Auto Show. From the press release, Alpina would be available right after the show.

2015 Bmw Alpina B6 Images

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New 2015 Bmw Alpina B6 Xdrive Gran Coupe
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