2015 BMW M3 Coupe Release Date and Price

The performance of 2015 BMW M3 has been uncovered as it has been seen during its test drive. Though it comes under the cover of its camouflage, the upcoming BMW M3 will be an impressive vehicle produced by BMW. Yes, BMW M3 is on its way to be another collection of BMW M series. Some rumors have been thrown to the public about the engine that will be used by BMW M3. Some opinions say that the V8 engine will make this sedan run. The rumors become wilder and wilder, until BMW Company officially confirms the exact engine they use.

2015 bmw m3 new concept pictures

2015 BMW M3 New Features

Everything becomes clear when BMW officially confirms that the engine they use is the 3.0 Liter inline six-cylinder with Twin Power Turbo. The engine is able to give 430 horsepower to the vehicle. The 2015 BMW M3 specs are known to have 6-speed manual and it is known as a RWD vehicle. The 2015 BMW M3 is able to show their awesome performance to the drivers. This M3 is believed to have lighter weight than its predecessor. The carbon fiber roof and aluminum materials contribute to create this lightweight sedan. The lighter weight allows them to run even faster than before.

Talking about the 2015 BMW M3 exterior, it comes with stunning and stylish design. Even though the camouflage is still there to veil the magnificent design brought by 2015 BMW M3, it cannot cover the whole beauty of this car. The front grille looks awesome and stylish. The headlamps look like beast eyes with its sinister shape. Even though the front side has been modified with such kind of stylish design, the rear side comes with common design. The rear bumper seems to undergo some changes. Overall, the exterior of this upcoming BMW M3 is able to catch everyone’s eye.

2015 bmw m3 exterior design pictures

2015 BMW M3 Interior and Price

For the interior, the BMW M3 has 2+3 seating. It makes this car suitable for your family. Considering the 2015 BMW M3 features and its magnificent designs, this BMW M3 will be priced at $60,000. It is quite cheaper than the BMW M4 which is priced at about $65,000. If you fall in love with this car at the first sight, you should be happy to know that you do not have to wait any longer. The two sedans will be delivered in spring of 2014. For now, you only need to prepare to bring this 2015 BMW M3 home.

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New 2015 BMW M3 Coupe Release Date and Price
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