2015 BMW X5 Concept Release

The new picture of 2015 BMW X5 has appeared in public little time ago. The 2015 BMW X5 apparently will be the next generation of BMW X5 M which has been a popular automobile. The prototype of this 2015 BMW 2015 is on the beginning for its testing. The signature of M feature gives the sign for people that the 2015 BMW X5 actually will be the next BMW X5.

2015 BMW X5 concept pictures

2015 BMW X5 New Features

BMW has revealed about its newest X5 concept. It will be 2015 BMW X5 which will be released by the 2015. This SUV car brings the new concept from its previous automobile. This 2015 BMW X5 SUV bring new interior design and also new exterior design that is certainly different from the former BMW X5. The improvement of the interior design and also the exterior design is claimed to increase the performance and bring extra comfort for the users. The redesign of 2015 BMW X5 is cutting some part of the car which has less function and then replaces the material on the car to lighter material to decrease the car’s heavy.

The type of this 2015 BMW X5 is SUV type. The style of this automobile still keep its muscular style and this car size is predicted will not larger than its previous car produced by BMW, E70 X5. The strong appearance that is usually shown by the most of BMW’s SUV still appear in this new BMW X5, even though BMW give some difference for this new car, but the difference is just a little, it still show the characteristic of the strong BMW.

Whereas the interior of this 2015 BMW X5 apparently bring a lot of difference from the previous car. The technology, the interior and also the safety of this car is all upgraded. Start from the technology, like usually BMW will give the latest technology for this newest car. The latest technology which is put on the 2015 BMW X5 is the deployed airbag which is built in the windshield of the car, the function of this feature is to give safety for suddenly crash of this car. The other feature of this new automobile is free standing LCD screen, and the design of the dashboard is also different.

The rumour of this 2015 BMW X5 has spread widely. Public are wondering about the release date of this car. There is not any officially information from the BMW; most of rumours say that this new automobile will be officially released by the end of 2015. The car will be available around that year.

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New 2015 BMW X5 Concept Release
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