2015 Buick Anthem Rendering Release High Performance

2015 Buick Anthem is the latest automobile that will be released in 2015. This 2015 Buick anthem is the automobile in Crossover type. This Buick Anthem crossover is specially designed to push the compact encore and also the larger enclave. This car is the next generation of the previous Buick that has been produced by the General Motor Company before producing this new 2015 Buick Anthem. This crossover from Buick will compete among the other crossover in premium segment.

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2015 Buick Anthem News

The 2015 Buick Anthem would be produced in GM’s Global compact of Architecture, which is also known well as Delta. For engine line-up of this small crossover, this Anthem car will bring different engine to every market where the 2015 will be sold. The Buick will put the new car between Encore and also Enclave models. For American Market the GM’s 2.5 and also 2.0 litre and turbocharged four-cylinder engine will be chosen as the engine of the vehicle.

More information about this 2015 Buick Anthem is very limited. The prototype of this crossover is sporting roof-mounted with 360 degree of lidar camera; it can indicate that the car will be capable for autonomous driving. The Buick Anthem is giving complete of crossover line up for the General Motor Brand. The recent crossover from Buick use Theta platform that is a little bit smaller than between the Ford Escape and the Ford Kuga.

This New Buick Anthem also enhance its performance by adding some additional new feature, this new feature is really new for the Buick vehicle, the previous Buick has not completed yet with this feature. About the new features of this 2015 Buick Anthem, these small crossover features with waterfall grille, LED lights, and Lidar on the top of the vehicle, those additional features are predicted used for testing the control system of this car.

Like the other automobile that always has the competitor in the automobile market, so does the 2015 Buick Anthem. This new car also has the competitors which have the similar shape, type, feature, engine and also similar technology. The similar vehicle which is predicted will be the competitor of this Buick Anthem are Lincoln MKC CUV and Compact Lexus CUV, those automobile is same as the Buick Anthem, they are still under production process and predicted will be launched in the same time with the Buick Anthem.

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New 2015 Buick Anthem Rendering Release High Performance
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