2015 Buick Grand National GNX Concept Release

2015 Buick Grand National is kind of car which is worth it to be wait. It was long time ago in years 1984 when the first Buick GNX is introduced to the automobile market. That time is one of the glorious periods of the General Motor Company because of the first Buick GNX get great responses from the market. The General Company, the Company of the Buick GNX then continues to the higher model of the car. Then Buick Regal and Buick Verano also get great sales. According to the successful from the previous Buick type, public are puts high expectation for the new 2015 Buick Grand National.

2015 Buick Grand National new concept pictures

2015 Buick Grand National Release Date

This 2015 Buick Grand National will be released to the market on the next year. There are a lot of customer of the Buick type expect that the Company will build the Buick Grand national into the great vehicle, however General Motor Company has good reputation in producing high class automobile, this is proven well by the previous sales of the General Company that show great number. People also expect that the new car will come with great invention on it.

The 2015 Buick Grand National is built with 2.0 litres turbocharged with the engine rated about 272 horse powers. The engine for powering this new vehicle is twin turbo of 3.6 litres V-6; this will be good on 400 horse power. The transmission of this Buick Grand National SUV will provide in two transmission, manual transmission for turbo engine and also automatic transmission across board.

2015 Buick Grand National is specially designed for efficient fuel. Even this car is not featured with V-8 engine; the Buick SUV car would be capable for serious performance. There is no any official report from the General Motor Company about the model of the next Buick Grand National; it can be assumed that this vehicle will come with attractive look. Whereas about the interior design of this Buick, this will use high quality fabrics and also superior technology feature, like for entertainment system and the satellite radio.

2015 Buick Grand National exterior design pictures

Speak of release date of the 2015 Buick Grand National; there is no official announcement from the company about when the Buick Grand National will be launched to the automobile market. But, apparently the new car will be sold on the market by the middle of 2015. So, for the fans of the Buick vehicle just prepare for the upcoming Buick Grand National.

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New 2015 Buick Grand National GNX Concept Release
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