2015 Dodge Avenger Concept Release Date

2015 Dodge Avenger is car strongly predicted to be an all-new sedan option in the year of 2016 after all this time the car series is known in the class of midsize sedan. Of course, it means there will be several or even many changes found in this car and make it different from the car released earlier. Besides, there are also several things we can expect from it. For example, better fuel economy up to 40 mpg, bolder design, and higher performance are things to expect from this next generation of Dodge Avenger. This can be said to be so because the will of the automaker to create a better quality of Dodge Avenger series. If all of these really appears when the car is finally released, these will make the car to be a define option for sedans in the year of 2015.

2015 dodge avenger concept

2015 Dodge Avenger Concept
For the powertrain, 2015 Dodge Avenger seems to come with two different engine options. One of the engine types is a V8 engine with Pentastar technology which will possibly be updated for this 2015 series. This engine is not the base engine offered for the base model. The power which can be created by this engine is predicted to be around 280 horsepower. Unlike the previous series of Dodge Avenger, it seems for this series automatic transmission with 9-speed already becomes a standard. For the base engine will be offered for this car is known to be 2.4L in capacity which is possible to be no other else but the Tigershark engine. Other than the capacity, this kind of engine is known to have the ability to deliver for about 172 horsepower. To give you more information about this new series of Dodge Avenger, you have to know that in fact the structure used in the body of the car is the same with the one used in the second generation of Chrysler 200, which is not released yet now.

2015 Dodge Avenger Release Date
Unfortunately, other than the information about engine as the main source of power in 2015 Dodge Avenger there is no further information known about this car. For your info, it seems to be not so long from now for all of us to know about more information about the car. Moreover, the release date of the car is predicted to be around the early of 2015 which is not too far from this point of time.

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New 2015 Dodge Avenger Concept Release Date
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