2015 Dodge Caliber Concept Release

Dodge Caliber actually is the hatchback model from Dodge. The first model of Dodge Caliber was introduced in 2006. However, Caliber could not make a great sales record back then because Caliber failed to compete with other competitive Hatchback model. Therefore, the all-new 2015 Dodge Caliber tries to make a breakthrough on global hatchback segment. The redesign concept of the Caliber is an affordable hatchback but still can offer great performance and appearance of hatchback. The previous Caliber model has not received any update for five years. This all-new Dodge Caliber is the redesigned from the previous model with better features and quality.

2015 Dodge Caliber black color pictures

2015 Dodge Caliber Engine

This new 2015 Dodge Caliber offers standard performance. This Dodge Caliber use 2.0 Liter engine I4. It can deliver power 158 horsepower and 141 lb/ft of torque. As hatchback, with such power it is enough as daily car. In order to give better acceleration, Dodge use CT transmission. Then, the drivetrain of the Dodge Caliber is front-wheel drive. As the capacity, it can carry 5 passengers with small cargo behind the back seats. As for the fuel economy, it has good score about 23 MPG for the city and 27 for the highway. Perhaps you would see that the specification of the Dodge Caliber is not very impressive. However, it makes sense with Dodge purpose of redesigning the new Caliber. This Caliber is designed as affordable automobile which it can offer more than enough performance. However, if we concern about the design and appearance, it is actually a good hatchback car. Since it is less expensive automobile, it could be the important point for the consumer who need affordable car with enough performance but great appearance. Compared with most of the new car from other auto manufacturer brand, most of the new cars are exclusive cars which mean as expensive car. Dodge strategy to manufacture affordable automobile might be able to attract middle class to own this new Dodge Caliber.

2015 Dodge Caliber Base Price

Up to now, Dodge Caliber has not released any formal information related with the price of 2015 Dodge Caliber. However, if we observe the specification and features offered by Ford, we can make prediction about the base price of Dodge Caliber. The base price could be around $ 24.380. However, for advanced tools and trim might be more expensive near $ 26,000. If you like Italian design automobile, this Dodge Caliber could be your best option. This car is definitely dedicated for those who need good car but has less money.

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New 2015 Dodge Caliber Concept Release
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