2015 Dodge Challenger Changes and Concept

2015 Dodge Challenger is the newest series of Challenger which is the first series on 1970’s. Dodge Challenger 2015 is given the taste of great classic with modern touch car. This car that is dominant on its classic style is always giving its own taste and characteristic to give its great performance.
2015 Dodge Challenger is the combination of modern and classic styles, and then you can get its own unique feeling of using this car as your vehicle. Dodge Challenger 2015 provides the unique combination but it still attaches with the overall modern parts and segments. Enjoy the mixture of two opposite things on 2016 Challenger.

2015 Dodge Challenger new changes concept pictures

2015 Dodge Challenger New Features

Dodge Challenger 2015 is using the eight speed automatics on all engines, with the 6.2 liters of Super Charged Hemi 8. This is along with the existed machine, 6.4 on the SRT8. This 2015 Dodge Challenger is delivering 580 – 660 horsepower and also with the 640 lb – ft or torque. The tire is 275 and or 285/40/20s and its prototype is similar from Barracuda. The outer and inner lamps are HALO drl and it has the split grille and rear LED tail lamps. For the interior, with the all new seats, door panels and 8.4 radios, it looks similar with the Charger but the display of user programmer is like Dart or Viper types. The exterior with the characteristic on two white strips from front until back show the classic style but the body is whole iron blocked.

There are a lot of features in 2015 Dodge Challenger, such as forward sensors, predictive crash protection, adaptive cruise, and rear and back up camera also it has the possibility of having the Cherokee’s parking assistance that is comprehensive. It is also attached with the Connects 2 of using your gadgets for controlling. It has smaller calipers and solid or slotted rotors.

2015 Dodge Challenger interior dashboard pictures

This 2015 Dodge Challenger that has the competitors like Shelby GT500 and Camaro ZL1 / Z28 must be grabbed your attention since its releasing date is about March and April 2014, with the production is about July 2014 or even further than it. The price that is considered about $70.000 but it will not less than $65.000 but this car is giving you the better service like better and cleaner amenities and larger size if you are able to pay more, well price is sizing the quality that you can get.

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New 2015 Dodge Challenger Changes and Concept
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