2015 Dodge Dart Review

2015 Dodge Dart is a sedan car type, designed and produced by Chrysler is the latest generation of the Dodge Dart 2013. This car has a sedan type car that is perfect for you when you drive to the office and other business activities. The design of the car is slim and beautiful. This will also make you more confident. It is because this car is designed with attractive and eye-catching appearance that will make you more in love.

2015 dodge dart new concept pictures

2015 Dodge Dart Specs

There is not much information about the specifications released officially by Chrysler from 2015 Dodge Dart. According to rumors, Dodge Dart spec will upgraded with more change and development. Some things that possibly upgraded are: First, these cars will use all-wheel drive technology. This technology allows you as it pass through heavy terrain like snow. With this technology you will easily pass through the snow. Therefore, you will not find any difficulty in passing the snow just not like other sedan cars.

2015 Dodge Dart Engine

The second is 9-speed automatic transition technology. With this transition, 2015 Dodge Dart will have standard fast enough and it is very economical and very smooth; even smoother than the previous type of Dodge Art. More so if you choose the type Aero, you will get 41 mpg highway, which will make the new Dodge Dart as best car gas saver. Indeed, this is perfect, isn’t this?

2015 Dodge Dart Powertrain

The third is a diesel power train technology. With this technology, the 2015 Dodge Dart will have a four – cylinder turbo engine that will give you an amazing power but still very economical. The fourth is a Hybrid technology. With this technology, the new Dodge Dart will be a car that is environmentally friendly and economical, a safe and comfortable car to drive to the office and other business activities. Sure, it is the right time to consider about this sedan car.

2015 dodge dart Pictures

2015 dodge dart review pictures

2015 dodge dart red or white pictures

2015 dodge dart interior dashboard

2015 dodge dart front pictures

2015 dodge dart coupe pictures

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New 2015 Dodge Dart Review
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