2015 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Concept

2015 Dodge Magnum is a car which was introduced for the very first time in the year of 2005. From that time on, this car series always get more and more attention especially because of some special things can be found in it. The first example is no other else but the very iconic low-slung design always applied to it, which is found by so many people to be quite attractive. In this recent time, there is a series of this car which is found to arrest quite a lot of attention. This series, which is no other else but the 2015 Dodge Magnum, is mentioned to be prepared for next year release. The best thing about it is the redesign option which will make the car to receive quite a lot of new changes in order to make it an even better choice for people to consider. Here are some of those.

2015 dodge magnum concept pictures

2015 Dodge Magnum Concept
As a future car, the major change applied to this 2015 Dodge Magnum is located in the powertrain. There will be a new engine applied in order to provide power to this car. Some trusted parties mentioned that this car will be adorned with a new Hemi-powered engine which can create up to 425 horsepower. Some parties even mentioned the engine will be a V8 or V6. Even so, the V8 engine seems to be the more possible option to be applied in this car and this will be available in some different options of capacity and size. With the addition of new engine like this, Dodge Magnum is predicted to be the fair competitor of some new cars in the same class, including also the ones belong to Mercedes. It seems this Dodge is really ready to enter the competition in automotive markets next year, right?

2015 dodge magnum red color pictures

2015 dodge magnum red color pictures

2015 Dodge Magnum Powertrain
With engine as the main change you can find in the 2015 Dodge Magnum, this future car is mentioned to be priced for about $20,000 for the base model. With this price, you will still get some plus points including the new stability control system and also anti-lock brake system which is now also the standard of Magnum. Besides, the car is also made with larger cargo area, even if it is still quite far below other cars in the same class, which is not reach the size of approximately 27.8 cubic feet. Unfortunately, the material used in this new car seems not to be upgraded so it may reduce the positive values it has in overall.

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New 2015 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Concept
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