2015 Dodge RAM 2500 Changes

If being asks about the options of future wagons designed for the year of 2015, certainly, 2015 Dodge RAM 2500 is a really great example for everyone to check out. To remind you a bit, Dodge RAM is always known to be a powerful wagon quite a lot of people in the world are fond of. This impression will be even better because for the year of 2015 the wagon series will be made to be even more powerful than before. Some parties even mentioned that the wagon is proper to be called as something prepared for war. This kind of opinion seems to be a good guarantee that the 2015 wagon will be another one loved by even more people.
2015 dodge ram 2500 black

2015 Dodge RAM 2500 Changes
For a powerful wagon as this 2015 Dodge RAM 2500, it is always interesting for us to know first about the powertrain details used. For this car, the type of engine adorned is actually a new 6.4L Hemi V8 engine which can produce for about 410 horsepower and also 429 lb-ft of torque. Other than this engine, the availability of 6.7L Cummins Inline-6 diesel engine is a proof that the wagon is actually also created for the fans of powerful diesel vehicle. Besides, if being compared with the current series, this new wagon is known to be much better in the fuel economy detail. According to the standard, 6-speed automatic transmission will be the only one available for the wagon.

2015 dodge ram 2500 mega cab

2015 Dodge RAM 2500 Specs
As a really powerful wagon, the powerful 2015 Dodge RAM 2500 is built to do so many things related to power. For example, this wagon is made with an even better towing capacity which is known to be up to 10,810 pounds. This really makes the car to be suitable to use in doing some heavy duties related to towing. Other than that, the power wagon is in fact also made to be able to be used on any types of terrain supported also by the types of tires used for the wheels. Moreover, when being used on rough terrain the wagon does not float at all. This fact of course makes the wagon to be an even better option when it comes to powerful vehicle, right? With all greatness it has, high price is definitely something reasonable to be applied in this wagon. For your information, there are three ranges of price applied to it based on the different trim levels offered. The lowest price among all is known to be applied for the Tradesman, which is started at about $45,690s.

New 2015 Dodge RAM 2500 Changes
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