2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Replacement

Having a luxurious and comfortable sport car can be one of the thing which will make you proud, isn’t it? Then, for you who love to ride a sport car, you better wait for what Ferrari seems to release soon. It is the new 2015 Ferrari 458 Speicale, which is a new high-performance version of the exotic Ferrari 458 Italia supercar. It actually has its debut on the last Frankfurt auto show and it looks so luxurious and attractive. Of course this car has some upgrades from its predecessor, like from the exterior, interior, engine options, and others. With the new concept, it hopes that the car can hit the market like other Ferrari sport cars did.

2015 ferrari 458 specs Wallpaper

2015 Ferrari 458 Changes
Like it said before that the car has some changes or updates from the previous model in the exterior, interior and also engine option. For the exterior changes, it now equipped with the unique wheels, a larger front grille and a body kit. For the interior changes, there are some revisions that focused on saving weight since the 2015 Ferrari 458 loses several of the luxury goodies in the high-end 458 Italia. However, the biggest upgrades are on its engine where the 458’s 4.5-liter V8 is tuned to produce 598 hp, it raises 34 hp from the standard 458. Between a weight savings of around 500 pounds and also its extra power, the new Ferrari 458 Speciale can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just about three seconds flat.

2015 Ferrari 458 Price and Release Date
This new sport car from Ferrari is expected to come in summer this year. And even there is no official information about the price of the car, some reviewers expect that the 2015 Ferrari 458 price is started around $260,000 or more. For you who love to ride a sport car, this 458 is worth to buy since it will really support your need and longing. Ferrari’s history of making lightweight, high-performance versions of its middle engine models are including the 360 Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia, both of the car are considered as some of the best performance cars in their days. And this Ferrari 458 Speciale is expected to continue this tradition, thanks to an all-out focus on the performance and speed. And if you are interested to buy this car, you should act quickly since Ferrari’s sporty model cars have a way of selling out fast in the market.

2015 Ferrari 458 Wallpaper

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New 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Replacement
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