2015 Ferrari Dino Aggressive Appearance

2015 Ferrari Dino – In this decade, the development car is very advanced. Now days, every auto manufacturers offer more than just ride or transportation. Many features have been invented in order to give more convenient and also comfort for the driver and also nature. For example, many famous auto brand manufacture a car with smart control such as cruise control and line safety so that the driver can easily drive in the highway. Then, the new advanced car also has many advanced safety features such as blind spot system, rear view system, and collision warning system. All of those system are invented in order to give better convince, comfort and safety for the driver. In addition to reserve nature, auto brand also manufactured car model with nice engine that can give good performance but has small emissions. You can find those advanced development car quality and feature in the new model car concept of 2015 Ferrari Dino.

2015 Ferrari Dino

2015 Ferrari Dino Redesign
Ferrari has been preparing the new design of Ferrari Dino. Next year in 2015, Ferrari would introduce the new redesigned 2015 Ferrari Dino. The main upgraded for the new Ferrari Dino 2015 is the better engine quality and performance. Ferrari would develop new engine that is more efficient and also better emission restrictions. However, Ferrari would include turbo as well on the engine. The engine of Ferrari Dino would a better version of the new Ferrari California. Thus, the 2015 Ferrari is believed would has better quality and performance than Ferrari California.

The issue said that Ferrari Dino is more affordable from the Ferrari model. Many people believe that Ferrari Dino is the development of Ferrari F430 but it is more affordable because the price is half the current price F430. The 2015 Ferrari Dino is more nimble and lighter but still give you nice appeac and style of Ferrari signature. The Ferrari Dino 2015 would be manufactured as smaller high-revving engine V-8, mid-engine, and sexy bodywork.

The designer of the new 2015 Ferrari Dino is Frederik Tjellesen. He is automotive designer from Denmark. The inspiration of the new 2015 Ferrari Dino is the V-6 engine Formula in 2014. This is the reason why Ferraro bring back again the small Dino brand on the Ferrari line up car model. as you can see, the exterior design of new Ferrari Dino is very grand. The signature design of Ferrari is still appeared from the concept picture. Than the tail lights design is resembled with Mustang GT. Let’s wait the official press release from Ferrari about the final design of the new Ferrari Dino.

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New 2015 Ferrari Dino Aggressive Appearance
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