2015 Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta

The much anticipated Ferrari Berlinetta redesign is finally rumored. With some image rendering by some Ferrari enthusiasts, we finally get a glimpse of how 2015 Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta will look like and what are the feature that it holds. Unfortunately, this newest kind of Berlinetta might not available for just anyone. It is a limited edition with some buying regulation that you have to pass through before buying it.

2015 Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta concept pictures

2015 Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta New Features

Some of the new features are front bumper with new grills, new side skirts, bigger air intake that will allow more cooling will be some of the 2015 Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta features. The 2015 Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta will be a supercar that the Ferrari enthusiasts awaits, with the whole new look on the exterior and aero system makes most of them couldn’t wait to experience F12XX Berlinetta on the private tracks.

The “XX” on the title means that the buyer of 2015 Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta should have more than 2 Ferraris to buy this series. So if you are new to Ferrari and want to buy the Berlinetta, it is suggested that you experience the f14 Berlinetta first. That means you have to purchase cars first before you get to the F12XX Berlinetta. It is purposely built for personal tracks and private legal racing so there will be no license plate is seen on the newest Berlinetta.

Ferrari will focus on speed and get rid of the feature that will disturb speed. Since the 2015 Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta is released for private use, it can actually ignore some of the road regulation of car components. If the red stallion can sell the F12XX successfully, it means that Ferrari is still the winner on selling expensive luxurious supercars. This one is considered as collection item that not just anyone with money can have.

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New 2015 Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta
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