2015 Fiat Punto Rendering

2015 Fiat Punto Rendering – Fiat group, just like the other auto companies, keeps producing car which will surprise people by its improvements. This time, Fiat combines the retro look of a car with modern technology and high performance. As the result, a new car is created, which is 2015 fiat punto. Since the popular version of this car is a 500, it is told that the car will change the name to a 5-door 500. If we see its previous model, it can be told that the car is not a bad one. But, it looks retro and perhaps people now tend to look for modern and sophisticated cars. So, Fiat now offers something different through its 2015 punto version.

2015 Fiat Punto Wallpaper

2015 Fiat Punto Rendering
Many new improvements are added to this 2015 fiat punto. For its exterior, the head lights now longer than its previous version. It is told that Fiat get inspiration from Avventura crossover which had been unveiled in the 2014 Auto Expo. Its interior gets updated too. Now it is more stunning and good looking. For this interior, Fiat gets inspiration from 2014 Fiat Linea. For its drivetrain, Fiat does not add new engine and transmission. It will use the same as its previous version. There will be a choice of a 1.4-liter and a 1.2-liter petrol engines. There will also be a 1.3-liter motor which is a Multijet diesel. All those engine choices will be paired with a 5-speed transmission which is operated manually. With this engine, you can get the strong power you ever imagined. Although Fiat use retro design, but its technology has proven that it is indeed an amazing car.

2015 Fiat Punto Release Date and Price
With this redesign, you may be very curious with its price and its release date. This 2015 fiat punto is predicted to gain its popularity just like the recent cars from Fiat group. As we know that the B-segment Fiat was built 9 million times already and it becomes the bestselling car for many years. Supposed, it was sold 360.000 times in a year. Surprisingly, Fiat then gained the increase number of selling for Punto by 400.000 in 2006. Well, now this car which come with a more interesting and attractive look is predicted to gain more selling than its predecessor. This new Punto will be released to the market next year. Unfortunately, the official pricing of this car has never known yet. But, it must be more expensive than its predecessor.

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New 2015 Fiat Punto Rendering
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