2015 Ford Ranger Truck Specs

Who does not know Ford? It is one of best automotive company that produces the best cars in the world. Which has the characteristics in the design of the car with a large size and super strength ? Yes, Ford already known by automotive lovers of great size car. This time Ford releases one of the best car was named 2015 Ford Ranger, one of the best and favorite car by people choice, especially in the West, this car has a well name and known as a strong car. 2015 Ford Ranger specs are also the reason why people choose this car.

2015 ford ranger truck color pictures

2015 Ford Ranger Interior
What are the advantages of a 2015 Ford Ranger? There are many advantages of this 2015 Ford Ranger truck. The first is convenience. This car has an interior design that will make the users find a convenience and comfortable, either passenger or driver. Leisure is supported by a layer of leather chair that modern with high quality. Not only the layer of skin that will make you feel comfortable but also blocking wind systems that will make the car can withstand strong winds.

2015 Ford Ranger Features
The large design of 2015 Ford Ranger can accommodate 7 passengers. Wide design is also supported with advanced technology for passenger safety. Therefore, no wonder if Ford gets award from Euro NCAP with a 5 star rating for the safer car category for the ride with the fewest accidents. Furthermore, 2015 Ford Ranger is completed with the advance security technology that will make the passengers much safer than before.

2015 Ford Ranger Replacement Features
Great car design of course, 2015 Ford Ranger is supported also by the power of great machine. According to news, the 2015 Ford Ranger has the power of 150 horse power engine with automatic transmission and 143 horsepower engine for manual transmissions. With such great strength of the car and large accommodation for the passengers, this car is also supported with entertainment features such as music and video display.

2015 Ford Ranger Gallery

2015 ford ranger truck new concept picture

2015 ford ranger truck left side

2015 ford ranger specs pictures

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New 2015 Ford Ranger Truck Specs
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