2015 Ford Raptor Concept Redesign

Here, we discuss about the 2015 Ford Raptor. Henry Ford was an extraordinary child. He was born with high intellect. He have shown his interest in engineering since he was young. Born in Michigan, July 30, 1863, he began to make a steam engine when he was 12 years old. During that time, he was working in a machine shop. He was the first child of 6 of William and Mary Ford. Henry Ford was known as a person who never gives up. When he was 15, he decided to leave his parents’ house and worked as an apprentice machinist. With the experience he gained, he came back home and worked in his father’s farm and Detroit factory with a tack to repair steam engine. His life totally turned to be successful when he married Clara Bryant. He started to build Detroit Motor Company but sadly it had to be shut down because of bankruptcy. But Henry Ford never gave up and created Ford Motor Company and successful until now.

The2015 ford raptor new concept pictures

The fans of pick up with jumbo-size would know the 2015 Ford Raptor which is F-150 SVT Raptor Ford. In the hands of experts teams in the TAG Motorsport, SVT Raptor is not just presented with a new look. But also additional power!

2015 Ford Raptor New Features

6.2 liter V8 engine which was originally owned by 2015 Ford Raptor can only generate power 401 hp backed by new power. Combined with Stage 2 Roush supercharger which gives additional power to the truck can now spewing power of 600 hp. Not only that, TAG Motorsport also added a boost gauge and system headers and Roush owned by Kooks high flow cats. At the disposal system, TAG also added Corsa exhaust, QTP electronic exhaust cut-out valve and a touch of custom modifications.

The appearance of 2015 Ford Raptor also gets a new twist. Section bead lock ring given striking red color that blends with the base color show pickup truck is. Custom headrest with TAG label and also bed cover electronic by Edward Pace helps beautify the inside interior of the SVT Raptor.

2015 Ford Raptor interior dashboard pictures

2015 Ford Raptor has more macho appearance and this car is suitable for those with masculinity. This car is predicted to be ¬¬the winner in its class. The demand of this car is always increasing. The selling price starts from $44,000. Many people choose Ford Raptor because of its trusted performance. Ford in many people’s eyes is semi-trendy-truck. Many youngsters choose this car because of the cool appearance. This car is also good- to- drive anywhere and resistant for any road condition and weather. You might be surprised handling the wheel of 2015 Ford Raptor.

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New 2015 Ford Raptor Concept Redesign
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