2015 Ford Raptor Rumors Changes

After the release of some images of it, 2015 Ford Raptor becomes a future car which is desired by quite a lot of people right now. Unfortunately, the automaker has not shared further information about this good-looking vehicle. Even so, some rumors has strongly spread about this car which is mentioned to be join in some future auto shows, and LA Auto Show is considered to be the most possible one. Right now, the car is seems to be in production process still. Therefore, it cannot really be mentioned about when the official release date of it will be.

2015 ford raptor crew cab

2015 Ford Raptor Changes

If being asked about the look of this 2015 Ford Raptor, there is a big possibility for it to be quite similar to the look of the 2013 version of Raptor. Even so, there is a quite big chance for the automaker to change the old platform with the new one. This can possibly give effect to the performance, speed, as well as the fuel economy of the car. Other than this, the new platform is also mentioned to be the one which can make the driving experience of this tough-looking vehicle to be simpler as well as more stable because of the better connection with ground. With this new platform also, the new Ford Raptor is so possible to be the suitable to be compared to another car series of Ford which is none other but the Ford F150. One thing which may be found to be quite unfortunate here is that there is no information shared about the details of the engine of this car Even so, it is so clear that the car will be adorned with better engine which will brings it more horsepower as well as torque. Other detail of the look which should be known as well is the very catchy front grille in which the oversize FORD wording is added. This is the reason why there is no badge of Ford added to the front view of this car because there wording is already enough to represent this.

2015 ford raptor interior dashboard

2015 Ford Raptor Price

While waiting for further information about 2015 Ford Raptor to be shared officially by the automaker, it is good for all of us to know about the range of price of this car. Even the official announcement about this has not yet been given it is so possible for car to be sold in a range of price which is possibly to be higher than $47,000.

New 2015 Ford Raptor Rumors Changes
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