2015 Ford Super Duty Trucks Specs Redesign

2015 Ford Super Duty is the new upcoming from Ford edition. Henry Ford was the founder of Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford started his career as an engineer for Edison Illuminating Company which was located in Detroit. The Quadricycle system was the initial for his success. It is a machine with horseless power system and used gasoline. He then sold the invention to the investors and many people were attracted to it. After that, he built Detroit Motor Company which then transformed to Ford Motor Company. Henry was born in Michigan. Henry young was like other kids, like to run and play. The different and obvious things that people saw from little Henry is his eagerness to learn new things. He learnt everything by experience and trying many times. The interest of mechanical things had been shown when he was little. The talent of Henry ford was very natural. All the skills that he got were from experience.

2015 Ford Super Duty specs pictures

2015 Ford Super Duty New Features

Ford super duty is a truck series from Ford. 2015 Ford Super Duty comes with its new F series line. The engines are more powerful than previous super duty series. They are equipped with Power Stroke Diesel V-8 for 6.7 liter. These ford super duty 2015 F series will be launched next year and they will come with lighter weight by 750 pounds in reduction. The material that would be used for 2015 ford trucks is aluminum.

Ford super duty 2015 series consists of the F-150 and F450. Both series have a more powerful engine, lighter weight than the previous edition, leather interior and black exterior. GT37 and GT32 fitted for a more powerful engine. The colors are made darker. Logo “Super Duty” attached to the upper grille. What distinguishes between the F150 and the F450 is a suspension, wheels and tires were improved better.

For the interiors of 2015 Ford Super Duty, there are selections that you can choose, from the materials to the colors. The materials can be chosen either plastic or leather. You can also choose various accessories that you like. You do not need to worry about the comfort when you are driving because they are also equipped with new connectivity sync system.

2015 Ford Super Duty new concept pictures

The interior of 2015 Ford Super Duty are carefully designed. It makes the appearance of these cars are classy and luxurious. The city with the highest percentage of people drive trucks is in Texas. The release date of this 2015 Ford Super Duty Trucks is expected in early 2014 and priced from $50,000.

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New 2015 Ford Super Duty Trucks Specs Redesign
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