2015 Hennessey Venom GT: The World’s Fastest Car

The 2015 Hennessey Venom GT is a super sport car manufactured in America by Texas Based Hennessy Performance Engineering. This is the continuation of Venom generation which is firstly released in 2012 up to present. It is a super sport car which can be categorized as jet car. This is not an exaggeration because of its performance which can reach the top speed above 270 rpm or 435 km/h. This article will give you some information about the new innovation of the new Venom.

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2015 Hennessey Venom GT New features

In 2013, Venom GT series achieved a proud record from The Guinness Book of World’s Records as the fastest car in the world from 0-300 km with an average acceleration time of 13.63 seconds. This is the proudly evidence that this car is really jet. The 2015 Hennessey Venom GT appears with new design and features. Starting from the exterior, the aerodynamic touch fulfills the whole body parts. The new features including roof, doors, side glass, wind screen, dashboard, cockpit, HVAC system, and wiper are all dealt with new innovation. The new innovation of appearance and quality are specially presented to you in enhancing your super speed driving experience.

From the outlook, people will be impressed by the dynamic, sporty, elegant, exclusive, and modern design. The New Venom will be longer and wider than the previous generation; 26 centimeters longer and 17 centimeters wider. The body is made up from strong and light weight metal named carbon fiber. The carbon fiber material is also used for the wheels materials. The strong and lightweight materials are needed to support the car while reaching the top speed acceleration. The interior also shows its exclusiveness and modern design consist of two seats. The seats are covered with silky and strong black leather materials. The high technology full safety system will ensure the driver and passenger to be totally safe from any unexpected incidents. The Venom proves its performance with 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 which can makes 1.500 horse powers.

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This engine will be a hard competitor for Jaguar and Porsche 911. This power can run your car to reach more than 400 km/h. The all new Venom pricing will be starting in $1.250.000. It will be officially released at the end of this year. These are the excellences that 2015 Hennessey Venom GT can provide for your top speed driving experience. You will be proud having this car because of its rare and exclusive quality and appearance.

New 2015 Hennessey Venom GT: The World’s Fastest Car
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